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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dr. G. D. Agrawal Resumed His Fast unto death

Dear friends the red spots in the map are either proposed dams or exhisting dams. five more dams are proposed in holy river Bhagirathi- Ganga ji. To save River i.e. mother of indian culture and civilization Dr. GD Agrawal is in Fast unto Death. He started his fast from 13 june at Uttarkashi, and suspended his fast in 30th june because of government written agriment to arrive an mutual acceptable solution in three months. After six and half month there is no any solution shown by Government and so Dr. agrawal resumed his fast from 14 Jan, 09. He is sitting in Hindu Mahasabha Bhawan, Near Birla Mandir, Mandir Marg, New Delhi.
For more information please contact to Pavotra Singh
011-32088803, 9410706109

Prof. Guru Das Agrawal resumes his fast to seek uninterrupted natural flow in the Holy Ganges from Gangotri to Uttarkas

Dear friend,
You may be aware that Prof. G. D Agrawal, who was a professor at IIT Kanpur for 17 years and also the Member Secretary of Central Pollution Control Board and today the foremost environmental scientist of India, went on a fast from 13th June 2008 to seek uninterrupted flow of River Bhagirathi in its natural form between Gangotri to Uttarkashi. His demand was very limited & specific i.e. to allow flow of Ganga Ji in its original channel in this 125 km stretch from its origin. This is the only stretch left now, where Ganga Ji still can be seen in its divine form. He requested the Govt. of India & the State Govt. of Uttarakhand to stop construction of Hydro Electric Projects in this stretch so that river flow is not diverted through series of tunnels and reservoirs resulting in the entire ecology of the river and its most astonishing self purifying property being destroyed.
Indians across the world got sensitised due to this selfless resolve of Prof Agrawal & lent their support to him. Many wrote & met the PM of India & CM of Uttarakhand & requested them to protect the Holy Ganges- which is the identity of Indians, Govt of Uttarakhand suspended work on the state sponsored projects but expressed its inability to stop Central Govt sponsored project of Lohari Nag Pala. With the intervention of group of IITians & Swami Ramdev, Central Govt gave a commitment in writing on 30th June 2008 to ensure Environmental flow in all stretches of river Bhagirathi and assured to fulfill this promise in 3 months. On this assurance, Prof Agrawal suspended his fast on 30th June 2008 after 18 days but categorically told the Govt of India that if this commitment is not kept, he would resume his fast.
In the mean time, due to the intervention of his Holiness Swami Swarupanand Ji, the Shankracharya of Badrinath & Dwrka Dham, the Prime Minister declared Ganges as our National River and announced the constitution of a Ganga Basin Authority to take all decisions on the activities in the Ganga Basin. PM himself is the head of this authority.
Inspite of all these developments, the NTPC is continuing construction of Lohari Nag Pala project. More than six months have passed, the high powered technical committee appointed by NTPC under directions from Govt of India to workout Environmental flows has not been able to do its job. The natural character & form of our most sacred & holy river, the very identity of our nation, continues to be destroyed. They do not even wish to take cognizance of the pact which the British Govt signed with the people of India under the leadership of Mahamana Malviya Ji and honored it till the independence.
Preturbed at this insensitivity, Prof Agrawal has resumed his fast from Makar Sankranti Day ie from Wednesday, 14th Jan 2008. He is sitting at the Hindu Mahasabha Bhavan, Near Birla Mandir, New Delhi.
Prof Agrawal does not belong to any party or group. He is an individual entity but an organization by himself. He is a true saint rarely seen these days.
If you feel Ganga Ji is our Sacred River and its existence must be protected, Please come forward and lend your support.

1. Paritosh Tyagi
Former Chairman CPCB
2. M.C. Mehta
A noted environmental layer
3. Rajendra Singh
A noted water conservationist
4. S.K. Gupta
IITK Alumnus
5. Ravi Chopra
IITB Alumnus
6. Prof. R.H. Siddiqi
Former Prof. IITK/AMU

For Further information contact to Pavitra Singh

9410706109. 011-32088803

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dr. GD Agrawal resumed his fast unto death from 14 jan, 09

dear all as yuo know Dr. GD Agrawal (an Environmentalist) committed fast unto death to save river bhagirathi.
As central government and Uttarakhand Government are building 5 Dams in River Bhagirathi(the main stream of Ganga ji). These dams will destroy the prestine condition of River bhagirathi. as all indians have respect for ganga ji. so please respond here so thet we can make a pressure on Government.